Albian was a planet, roughly the size of Earth, with a relatively small population of 6 million inhabitants. All of its inhabitants lived around the planet's equator, the rest of the planet being simply too cold to support life. The polar caps of the planet were said to reach temperatures approaching absolute zero.

Albian was colonized by humans roughly 100 cycles before the Terran Federation formed out of the remnants of the United Federation of Planets, and resisted joining the new government for a long time. Eventually, however, the Terran Federation won out and the people of Albian became their citizens. Under this regime, Albian eventually began to suffer economic hardships and tried to legally secede in order to better take care of themselves. The Federation government responded by a state of emergency on the planet and initiating martial law.

Ultimately, the Federation planted a Solium Radiation Device at the planet's northern pole, in order to keep resistance in check. The threat of this device allowed them to maintain a firm control over the planet while only stationing, at most, 100 troops from the Federation's Space Assault Force on the planet's surface.

While the troops stationed there were under the command of Space Major Provine, resistance forces -- led by Del Grant, Cauder, and Ralli -- attempted to usurp control from the Federation once more. Though they were successful in defeating the Federation forces there, they were not able to prevent them from setting in motion the countdown that would activate the solium radiation device. As luck would have it, Roj Blake -- seeking out Provine himself -- and the crew of the Liberator arrived in time for Kerr Avon and Del Grant to teleport to the planet's pole and deactivate the device and save the planet's population.

Afterwards -- with Federation control lifted -- Del Grant began rebuilding society on the planet. The planet managed to retain its independence until the Imperium of Man took control of the planet.

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Albian is derived from Blake's 7.