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The Altas were a humanoid race of beings that existed solely to serve the System -- a machine that made all decisions for the Altas. The Altas themselves had been augmented with technology that allowed them to psychically engage with the System simply by touching the appropriate pieces of technology. These augmentations, however, meant they were incapable of surviving without the aid of life support technology. The Altas possessed some of the most advanced technology in the Milky Way during the reign of the Terran Federation, and had managed to avoid subjugation by the galactic power primarily through their own xenophobia.

The Altas were responsible for the construction of the Liberator, and made efforts to reclaim it from Roj Blake. These efforts were thwarted and, in their attempts, Alta-Two was killed by Norm-1. Alta-One's failure was likely met with severe punishment from the System.

Notable Altas Edit

Source Edit

The Altas are derived from Blakes 7.

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