Cally, a member of the Auronar

The Auronar, or sometimes simply the Auron, are a telepathic species evolved from humans, native to the planet Auron. Physically, the Auronar are indistinguishable from their human ancestors -- however, their psionic gifts quickly set them apart.

Auron was initially settled as a scientific colony, and so developed some particularly advanced technology. These even included unique cloning technology. The genetic engineering technique, combined with a nearly imperceptible level of element zero present on the planet, created subtle biotic abilities that embedded themselves in the genetic code and ultimately caused the inhabitants of the planet to evolve into a separate species, which ultimately also created its own culture and folklore.

With the fall of the United Federation of Planets, the Auronar adopted a planet of isolationism. Although the Terran Federation ruled around them, the space around Auron was independent and unfettered by galactic politics. The Auronar thrived and continued to create technology the likes of which was unknown to most of the rest of the galaxy -- including methods of amplifying their psionic capabilities such as artificial telepathy transmitters.


An Auronar sibling batch

Some Auronar, however, rejected the isolationism of their people. Many of these left the planet for parts of unknown -- some stole Auron technology to take with them. One of these people, the rebellious Cally, eventually joined Roj Blake and the crew of the Liberator in resistance against the Terran Federation. Ultimately, this drew the attention of Servalan who introduced a deadly pathogen to the planet Auron and nearly eradicated every last member of the species. Only the Auronar who were off-world or fled the planet aboard the Liberator survived. The cloning technology and 5,000 cloned fetuses were saved by the Liberator as well, allowing the species to eventually rebuild.

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The Auronar are derived from Blake's 7.