Player Characters Edit

  • TOS Captain - "Agent of Yesterday"
    • Ship:
      • Crew:
  • Federation Captain
  • Romulan Republic Captain
  • Klingon Empire Captain

Mission Timeline Edit

33rd Century Edit

  1. Episode: TOS Tutorial
  2. Episode: Agents of Yesterday

3409 Edit

  1. Romulan Tutorial
    1. A Day on the Farm
    2. A Day in the Sun
    3. Virinat, Invaded
    4. Flight from Virinat
  2. From the Ashes
    1. Explore the Flotilla
    2. The Helix
    3. Crossroads at Crateris
    4. Gasko Blues
    5. The Search for New Romulus
    6. Turning Point
      1. Khitomer Conference
    7. Neutral No More

All Three Factions catch up to each other at "Wasteland".

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