Bioloid Aeryn

The bioloid of Aeryn Sun is revealed

Bioloids are biological androids that take the appearance and mannerisms of living beings. The Scarran Empire frequently creates bioloids to infiltrate their enemies, taking individuals captive and then sending a bioloid to replace them. The Kalish, however, have been known to create bioloids for longer and more extensive missions.

Externally, bioloids appear as whomever they are intended to appear as. Internally, they are a mixture of bio-organic materials and technological components. The mixture between these varies from bioloid to bioloid. For instance, the copy of Aeryn Sun created by the Scarran Empire was largely technological, whereas Sikozu was almost entirely made of biological components.

Bioloids could vary in their complexity, due to a number of factors. These included the speed at which the bioloid was constructed, and the complexity of the bioloids mission. In general, however, bioloids are able to reattach severed limbs and appendages but are, unfortunately, incapable of tolerating translator microbes.

Notable Bioloids Edit

Source Edit

Bioloids appear in a handful of episodes of Farscape.

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