Bialar Crais implanted with a Hand of Friendship

The biomechanical neural implant, also called the "Hand of Friendship". was a piece of technology present on Talyn, history's only biomechanoid gunship hybrid. The implant could be attached to a humanoid host, such as a Sebacean, as the hybrid vessel was not designed to be controlled by a Pilot. The implant allowed the host to mentally control the gunship in much the same that a Pilot controls an ordinary Leviathan biomechanoid, though the implants were considerably unstable by comparison.

Hand of Friendship

Hand of Friendship implant

This instability included the potential for cybernetic bleed-back, as the gunship was able to use the implant in reverse as well. This meant that the Sebacean pilot of the gunship could be controlled by the ship, and could even see or experience things that were planted in their mind by the ship itself.

In certain instances, the gunship hybrid was able to implant more than one host with Hands of Friendship. The implant could also be overridden by the vestigial remnants of the Pilot's den, which was not fully bred out of the hybrid.

Source Edit

The biomechanical neural implant appears in Farscape.

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