Dominar Bishan was the cousin of Dominar Rygel XVI. Bishan took the throne of the Hynerian Empire while Rygel slept, exiling Rygel from Hyneria and putting him into Peacekeeper custody.

Bishan ruled over the Hynerian Empire for over 130 cycles, though he was an ineffectual ruler and the Hynerian Empire was severely weakened. When the Peacekeeper/Scarran War began, Bishan was a desperate to keep his subjects under control. To that end, he sent a plea to Rygel to return to the Empire. After the war ended, Rygel did finally return -- only to be betrayed by Bishan once more. This time, however, Rygel was prepared. He escaped Peacekeeper captivity with relative ease and put out a call for any Hynerians loyal to him to come to his aid. Several ships complied and with this small but effective army, Rygel launched an assault on two of Bishan's major bases. Bishan responded, leaving the capital on Hyneria undefended. Rygel launched a third assault on the capital, easily taking it over and removing Bishan from power.

Source Edit

Bishan is a character mentioned repeatedly throughout Farscape, though he only appeared in Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars and the comic books which followed the series.

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