Blake's 7 was a name for a small band of rebels and criminals opposing the Terran Federation.

Members Edit

The initial membership was as follows:

  1. Roj Blake
  2. Jenna Stannis
  3. Kerr Avon
  4. Zen
  5. Olag Gan
  6. Vila Restal
  7. Cally

Later, the supercomputer Orac became a member of the group -- leaving it a group of eight until Olag Gan's death..

Despite Roj Blake's disappearance during the Intergalactic War, and a number of changes in membership, the group continued to sometimes be referred to as "Blake's 7". The membership following the war included:

  1. Kerr Avon
  2. Vila Restal
  3. Cally
  4. Zen
  5. Orac
  6. Dayna Mellanby
  7. Del Tarrant

After the Liberator's destruction above Terminus and Cally's death on the planet, the group was underwent further changes in membership.

  1. Kerr Avon
  2. Vila Restal
  3. Orac
  4. Dayna Mellanby
  5. Del Tarrant
  6. Slave
  7. Soolin

All surviving members of "Blake's 7", including the absent Roj Blake himself, were killed on the surface of Gauda Prime.

Source Edit

Blake's 7 are derived from Blake's 7.

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