Bobby Coleman was the son of Susan Crichton Coleman and Frank Coleman, the grandson of Jack Crichton and Leslie Crichton, and the nephew of Olivia Crichton and John Crichton. He was thirteen years old when Crichton returned to Earth from the Uncharted Territories alongside other members of Moya's crew in 2003 CE (2403 Galactic Standard). During this two visitation, Bobby recorded over 120 hours of footage on his camcorder, including some things he should not have -- including himself being stung by Ka D'Argo's tongue.

Bobby's footage was eventually turned over to the United States government. This did not prevent the footage from making its way to "Alien Visitation", nor did it stop the program from interviewing Bobby about his experiences.

Source Edit

Bobby Coleman was a character who appeared on Farscape.

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