Borlik served aboard a commerce station near the Twin Suns of Qell, in the Sacred Stillness. Secretly, Borlik was a member of the Kampeks -- a group of religious zealots who believed buying and selling in the Stillness was sacrilege and offensive to the gods. Without betraying her affiliation, she was quick to inform Moya's crew of these beliefs when they were aboard the station, as it was hit by a gamma storm.

Pilot, however, determined that the storms were being attracted to the commerce station by a flux broadcast. Eventually, the signal was traced to Borlik herself by Stark and "One-Eye". The truth revealed, Borlik managed to magnetize herself to a pipe in the commerce station. John Crichton used her magnetism against her, drawing her into a cryogenic tube that was made of a denser alloy than the station's hydro-honium steel. The tube was taken aboard Moya to draw the storm away from the station, but Borlik escaped and magnetized herself to one of Moya's doors. Fortunately, the door was detachable and Pilot simply ejected Borlik into space. There, Borlik was struck by the gamma storm and killed.

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Borlik appeared in an episode of Farscape.