The Botany Asteroid is a small asteroid located in an asteroid field in the Uncharted Territories, in the vicinity of Scorpius' former Gammak Base location.

The asteroid had been initially settled by a group of botanists who had seeded the asteroid in efforts to terraform it. Their scientific endeavors were successful, and they continued studying flora on the asteroid for three hundred cycles. At a certain point, however, they brought a species of sentient, calcivorous plants to the asteroid in order to eradicate herbivorous lifeforms that endangered their experiments. This proved to be too successful, as the species ultimately ran out of prey. All but one of them starved -- the last remaining member of the species, M'Lee, preyed upon the researchers until only one remained. Eventually, he was killed by John Crichton and M'Lee was able to eat his remains as well, allowing her to survive long enough to be rescued from the asteroid by Peacekeepers.

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The Botany Asteroid appears in season 1 of Farscape.