Bucol-2 was a planet within the borders of the Terran Federation, that was home to a mining colony for most of its existence. Eventually, its mineral deposits were exhausted and the planet was abandoned.

Six years before the Intergalactic War, a Federation science team was sent to the planet to conduct experiments -- in order to genetically engineer radiation-proof shock troops. Though the work progressed, it was a slow process and the Federation ultimately decided it would not fast enough to use in an actual war. As a result, all of the research team save one member -- Justin -- left the planet but were shot down by an enemy ship as they departed.

Justin remained on the planet, until Dayna Mellanby arrived in the hopes of gaining his help against the Federation and he was subsequently embroiled in her conflict with Servalan. After these events, Bucol-2 is populated solely by the surviving test subjects.

Source Edit

Bucol-2 is derived from Blake's 7.

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