Kahaynu, one of the Builders, as he appeared to Zotoh Zhaan

The Builders are a race of arrogant non-corporeal, peaceful entities who are credited with god-like powers. They generally appear as gaseous streams of white smoke, but are able to corporealize into humanoid forms. They originally constructed the Leviathan biomechanoids -- through genetic engineering initally based upon the Leviathans who had once held sway over the Milky Way.

Fearful of the Reapers the Leviathans were responsible for creating, the Builders kept their creations as mindless, biomechanical transport vessels. Eventually, however, they gave them sentience and an ability to reproduce on their own. They continued to watch over their creations for some time -- to ensure they remained peaceful and did not pose a threat to the rest of the galaxy's life.

After Moya gave birth to the gunship Talyn, the Builders believed she should be decommissioned. However, Zotoh Zhaan proved to the Builder Kahaynu that Moya was not a threat and that she was in good hands. Though still wary, the Builders allowed both Moya and Talyn to continue their existences.

Notable Builders Edit

Source Edit

The Builders are seen in two episodes of Farscape.

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