Command carriers were large mobile bases of operations used by Peacekeepers. They were immense vessels, over one metra long, and carrying over 50,000 Peacekeepers for its crew. Some command carriers, such as the Zelbinion, were even larger. Many Peacekeepers lived their entire lives aboard command carriers, and as such these vessels were equipped with all of the comforts necessary to sustain the large crew. Most, if not all, were equipped with large indoor gardens that simulated the surface of a Class M planet. These were also used to train combatants in surface combat.

Command carriers were incredibly powerful vessels, even able to take on Scarran dreadnoughts, equipped with a myriad of weapons. They wielded four frag cannons, five medium pulse cannons and twenty smaller pulse cannons, as well as two torpedo launchers. Command carriers also employ 200 defensive pulse turrets and a defense screen for protection. Nevertheless, certain vessels used by the Nebari Establishment could overpower a command carrier.

Command carriers were capable of faster-than-light travel, but were able to achieve this only through their hetch drive propulsion system. This prevented them from achieving instant FTL, but allowed them to accelerate to speed comparable to those achieved by warp engines and mass effect drives.

Notable Command Carriers Edit

Source Edit

Command carriers were featured in Farscape.

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