The Consortium of Trao is a collection of worlds governed by the Trao. The Consortium governs 10,000 planets in the Delta Quadrant, held together primarily by similar economic practices and needs. Although the Consortium is comprised of several different industrial powers, they are ruled by a single sovereign. This position of leadership was passed down through succession, in a manner similar to that of a monarchy.

At the end of the 20th century (by Earth's calendar), the next-in-line for the ruler of the Consortium was captured by Tavlek mercenaries. Jotheb encountered Rygel XVI during his captivity. The two did not form a friendship, and in fact Jotheb became angry when he discovered Rygel was the deposed Dominar of the Hynerian Empire, rather than its ruler.

After Rygel reclaimed his throne and the Hynerian Empire aided in repelling the Kkore invasion of the Uncharted Territories, they faced a new threat as Jotheb sought to expand the Consortium's territory. The Consortium was repelled by the Hynerians and their allies -- despite their weakened state -- and a treaty was swiftly forged with the help of the Eidelons.

When the United Federation of Planets began to expand into the Delta Quadrant, the Consortium of Trao once again sought to expand, and made themselves an enemy of the Federation for quite some time.

Source Edit

The Consortium of Trao is mentioned in Farscape.

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