Cooling Rod Blue

A fresh cooling rod

Cooling Rod Red

A spent cooling rod ejected from Scorpius' suit

Cooling rods, sometimes called cooling rods, were an integral element to coolant suits. They were cylindrical objects, which were composed of a mildly radioactive material. This material, when heated to capacity, could become explosive enough to destroy even practically untouchable metals such as Dorian ore.

The original rods used in Scorpius' coolant suit were longer than modified versions that were later developed, and were kept in a backpack attached to the suit. Peacekeepers created smaller versions that could be inserted directly into Scorpius' brain and eventually crafted even smaller ones that could be affixed to the outside of the suit for use by Sebaceans suffering from heat delirium.

Cooling rods functioned by absorbing heat. Unfortunately, they could not perform this function indefinitely and would eventually overheat if not replaced or refreshed. Failing to replace spent cooling rods was highly dangerous, due to the nature of their material and the risks of a failing coolant suit. A fresh cooling rod was blue, but the color changed to red as the device was heated.

Sikozu also crafted some cooling rods for Scorpius whilst he was aboard Moya. These cooling rods were less efficient and tended to emit smoke when Scorpius was under stress. As such, use of these cooling rods was abandoned at the first opportunity.

Source Edit

Cooling rods are seen in Farscape.

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