Dam-Ba-Da is an arid planet in the Uncharted Territories, not far from the borders of the Scarran Empire. The planet is home to Furlow's Dam-Ba-Da Depot.

The planet is harsh, and close enough to its sun that even one glance during one of the sun's many solar flares can cause temporary blindness. To shield themselves against this, residents of Dam-Ba-Da wear special goggles.

The planet was briefly a part of the brewing conflicts with the Scarran Empire, due to Furlow's interactions with John Crichton. After he had created an unstable wormhole, Crichton was forced to give Furlow some of his wormhole research to pay for repairs. After two cycles, she had advanced this research enough on her own that she was able to sell the technology to the highest bidder -- who happened to be the Scarrans. The sale was prevented, and Furlow was forced to return to business as usual.

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Dam-Ba-Da was seen in Farscape's first and third seasons.