The Delta Quadrant is the common designation a quarter of the Milky Way galaxy. This quadrant is bordered by the Gamma Quadrant and the Beta Quadrant, and is farthest from the Alpha Quadrant. The Delta Quadrant is home to thousands of species, both humanoid and otherwise, many of which are far more advanced than many species in the rest of the galaxy.

Because of its position in the galaxy, the Delta Quadrant was largely unexplored by most of the larger political powers in the Milky Way's history, including the Citadel Council, the Dominion, the Terran Federation, and the Imperium of Man.

History Edit

The Voth established a reclusive civilization in the Delta Quadrant after departing the Earth millions of years before humans evolved.

In 200,000 BCE, a creature that would be called the "telepathic pitcher plant" was born in the Delta Quadrant. 100,000 cycles later, a subspace network was constructed within the Delta Quadrant.

A species, known to the people of Earth as "Sky Spirits", came from the Delta Quadrant to visit the humans of the Rubber Tree People. This was the true first contact between a Delta Quadrant species and Earth, although it would be regarded as nothing more than myth for thousands of cycles. A little more than 10,000 cycles later, the Eidelons abducted people from Earth and genetically engineered them into Sebaceans and Interions.

Eventually, the Darnaz Triangle was activated on Arnessk -- displacing the Eidelons and leaving the Sebacean Peacekeepers to try to maintain a fragile peace in their region of the Delta Quadrant. By 100 CE, the territory of the Peacekeepers had shrunk dramatically and the Uncharted Territories now took up a great deal of space in the region. A group of Sebaceans founded the Breakaway Colonies in those territories.

By the turn of 11th century, the Luxans and Ilanics had become close allies. It was also about this time that the Charrids attempted to invade the Hynerian Empire -- killing over a billion Hynerians and devouring millions of their young.

The Phage ravages the Vidiian Sodality, leaving them clinging to survival through organ piracy and slave labor.

Major Political Powers Edit

  • Borg Collective
  • Consortium of Trao
  • Hynerian Empire
  • Nebari Establishment
  • Nebari Resistance
  • Peacekeepers
  • Scarran Empire
  • Vidiian Sodality
  • Vaadwaur Empire

Notable Delta Quadrant Species Edit

Source Edit

The Delta Quadrant is derived from Star Trek and expanded with information derived from Farscape.

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