Douglas Logan was a replica of the Hynerian Rygel XVI who appeared in a Scarran-created simulation of Earth, used to break John Crichton's mind. In this simulation, Douglas Logan was the head of the Farscape Project and was very displeased that Crichton had crashed Farscape-1. Though he attempted to have a very serious meeting with Crichton on the subject, Crichton reacted anything but seriously.

After Crichton left the meeting, Logan tried to catch up to him. Instead, Crichton picked him up and threw him out of the parking garage -- seemingly killing him. Logan later reappeared, alive and well, in his office.

As the simulation began to unravel further, Logan appeared once more -- in a BDSM outfit, whipping Crichton.

Source Edit

Douglas Logan appears in one episode of Farscape.

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