Elack was a male Leviathan biomechanoid, partnered with a female Pilot. The two were bonded for over 350 cycles, and were quite old by the time of their death.

They had toured the Uncharted Territories, entirely independent of any political organization, for much of their life. Nearing the end of their life, they traveled towards the sacred Leviathan burial space. When they approached the space, they discovered John Crichton -- floating in a fuelless Farscape-1 module.

Elack, with its new crew member, toured the sacred burial space for some time. During this time, Crichton adopted a Diagnostic Repair Drone, which he painted the color of the French flag and named DRD "1812". Crichton passed the time drinking and scribbling out wormhole formulas, while hoping to come into contact with Moya once again.

Eventually, a small craft carrying Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu crashed into Elack, ahead of a number of Grudeks looking to harvest toubray tissue. The Grudeks soon arrived, and Sikozu reluctantly agreed to help Crichton defend Elack from them. Before much longer, Chiana and Rygel XVI found Elack while searching for Crichton.

After defeating the Grudeks, Elack was convinced to seek out Moya. They found her last location above the planet Arnessk. Though Moya had gone by the time they reached the planet, Ka D'Argo, Noranti Pralatong, and Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis were still on the planet. Peacekeepers soon arrived, and conflicts ensued. Ultimately, in order to help the crew of Moya to escape, Elack agreed to give up on his dream of dying in the sacred burial space and crashed into the planet Arnessk -- smashing all but one of the Peacekeeper vessels on the planet's surface. This sacrifice allowed Crichton and his friends to flee Arnessk aboard Moya.

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Elack is a character from Farscape.

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