Elann Crais was the husband of Wimmah Crais and father of Bialar and Tauvo Crais. He was a farmer on Prybella. When his children were young, they were conscripted by the Peacekeepers. Elann charged his elder son Bialar with protecting and guiding Tauvo -- a moment that the entity Maldis would later use to drive Bialar into a frenzy against John Crichton. Elann grieved for his sons after they were taken, though he eventually was contracted to provide food for the Peacekeepers. Out of revenge for taking his children, Elann and his wife polluted the food so that offspring of Sebaceans who had eaten it would have disruptive genetic mutations.

Elann was killed by the Kkore when they destroyed Prybella.

Source Edit

Elann Crais is taken from Farscape.

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