Councilor Elkar Tyno was, initially, a high-ranking member of the royal court in the hierarchy of the Breakaway Colonies. He had authority to allow or forbid spacefaring vessels passage to the planet during coronation proceedings, and handled many other practical affairs on behalf of the empress of the Royal Planet.

Tyno inititally refused the crew of Moya from venturing onto the planet, though he changed his verdict upon learning that Rygel XVI was the former Dominar of the Hynerian Empire. It was this decision that irrevocably changed the fate of the Breakaway Colonies, and of Tyno himself. Tyno and Princess Katralla were in love, though they were not genetically compatible. The discovery that she was genetically compatible with John Crichton was a startling discovery for both of them, though Tyno was willing to put aside his feelings for his duty.

Tyno put Crichton under guard immediately, though this security measure was not enough to protect John from the machinations of Prince Clavor. After Crichton foiled an attempt on his own life, Crichton confronted Clavor -- Tyno attempted to intervene but there was little he could do for either party.

Crichton was turned into a statue and subsequently went missing. Shortly afterwards, the Scarran Cargn killed Clavor -- and the crew of Moya was blamed. Empress Novia ordered the entire crew executed and left it to Tyno to notify them of their impending death. However, Crichton's timely return altered their fate.

Because Crichton was not eager to return to life as a statue for the next 80 cycles, and Katralla was already pregnant with his child, Tyno took Crichton's place as a statue and observed everything that occurred in the court of the Royal Planet for the next 80 cycles. This included the planet's conquest at the hands of the Kkore and the Grennij.

By the time Tyno was returned to an animate form, the invasion had been repelled and the Breakaway Colonies had become one of the more prominent members of the Uncharted Alliance. As consort of Empress Katralla and step-father to the Princess Katrana, Tyno did all that he could to ensure the success of the Breakaway Colonies and their allies. Though his reign was largely uneventful, Tyno is remembered as a benevolent ruler.

Source Edit

Elkar Tyno is from Farscape.

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