The Gammak Base was a heavily fortified and highly classified Peacekeeper research installation located on a moon in the Uncharted Territories, outside of Peacekeeper jurisdiction. It was, at the time of its destruction, under the command of Commander Tollona Javio with its scientific research led by Scorpius.

The research at this facility led to the development of memory extraction technology, most notably the Aurora Chair. The primary focus of the scientific exploration of this facility, however, was focused on wormholes and developing technology around them.

The base was infiltrated by John Crichton and Chiana, in an effort to procure tissue samples that would help Aeryn Sun heal from injuries. Though Chiana succeeded in evading capture and escaped with the necessary tissue samples, Crichton was less fortunate. His energy signature was detected as being different from those of Sebaceans, and he was tortured by Bialar Crais and Scorpius. The crew of Moya managed to free Crichton and Stark, and destroy the Gammak Base in their efforts.

Over the course of the next two cycles, the Gammak Base was rebuilt.

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The Gammak Base is featured in the first season of Farscape.