The Grennij were a species of bipedal creatures who served the Kkore Empire. Their origins and history remain largely unknown, though they entered the Milky Way from the portal to Grey Space and launched an attack upon Doien on behalf of the Kkore. They brutally subjugated the Pilots living on Doien.

However, the Grennij served only as shock troops for the Kkore -- and did so unwillingly at that. Though Grennij vessels were equipped with advanced Kkore weaponry, the Grennij themselves were only permitted to use primitive weapons in their ground assaults. To give themselves an edge against their own oppressors, the Grennij sought more advanced technology from the races they conquered -- an act the Kkore viewed as a betrayal.

The Kkore initiated a violent assault against the Grennij population, devastating their numbers. The survivors fled into the Uncharted Territories, and became instrumental in repelling the Kkore Invasion Fleet. Afterwards, the surviving Grennij continued to live in the Uncharted Territories. After the Peacekeeper Reformation, many Grennij joined their ranks. Though their methods were more brutal than the reformed Peacekeeper Command typically approved of, the Grennij could be counted on when violent situations became inevitable.

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The Grennij appear in Farscape comic books.