Grudeks are a race found in the Scarran Empire, though they typically serve their own needs and rarely get involved in the politics of their governing regime. Grudeks are believed to be distant cousins on Klingons due to a number of cultural and physical similarities. Though grudeks lack the ridges on the forehead that their cousins bear, grudeks pierce their foreheads with sharp metal blades in order to denote their ranks in grudek society.

Though grudeks do not eat toubray tissue to increase their higher brain function, a large number of them make a living by hunting for Leviathan biomechanoids in order to harvest the neural clusters. These Leviathan hunters are ruthless -- their vessels ram into the Leviathans, breaching the outer hull and disabling most of the ship's systems. They then fumigate the vessel, in order to incapacitate and kill any surviving crew members. If any crew members survive even this and attempt to interfere, the Grudeks employ Brindz hounds to kill them. They then split into teams, searching the entire Leviathan for its first neural cluster -- which will have the richest toubray tissue.

One group of grudeks was known to have hired outside assistance. They hired a Kalish organization in order to find Leviathan travel routes. Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu, the Kalish given the task, instead found the location of the Sacred Leviathan Burial Space. However, due to the failure of this group -- and the rebellion of Sikozu -- no other grudeks are known to have found the space or hired such outside assistance.

Notable Grudeks Edit

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Grudeks are seen in Farscape.

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