Scarran Heat Projection

Heat projected through a Scarran's claws

Heat projection is a natural ability inherent in all Scarrans, an ability generated from the heat producing gland in their chest. The heat produced by this gland can be emitted through their hands and mouths.

This form of attack is especially effective against Sebaceans who can easily and quickly succumb to heat delirium as a result, but are also useful against other species. The victims of these attacks can be easily identified by severely burnt, blistered skin. Low intensity blasts of heat are often employed as a means of torture to weaken victims during interrogations.

In frigid environments, the heat producing gland must work so hard to maintain the body temperature of a Scarran that they are not capable of heat projection. The ability can also be lost if the gland is surgically removed.

Source Edit

Heat projection is derived from Farscape.

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