Heppel oil is a chemical that is produced by an artificially engineered gland that could be implanted in females of humanoid species. The gland is illegal in most corners of the Uncharted Territories, but is typically implanted in Dellos concubines. Heppel oil is only produced by this gland, which greatly reduces the life of those it is implanted in.

Heppel oil is secreted at will through the skin, like sweat. When inhaled, it induces uncontrollable lust and bends whomever inhales it completely to the will of the female who secreted the oil. The oil could only be resisted by ingesting or inhaling something to suppress sexual arousal -- such as lakah guts -- before inhalation.

Heppel oil was used by Mele-on Grayza in order to quickly ascend through the ranks of the Peacekeepers.

Source Edit

Heppel oil is derived from Farscape.