Ilanics are a species distantly related to Luxans, though much more scientifically-minded. The sworn enemies of the Scorvians, the Ilanics had been engaged in a war against them which lasted eight cycles. The conflict was ultimately absorbed into the Peacekeeper/Scarran War, but not before the Ilanics attempted to weaponize the power of black holes. Though they failed in their efforts, the use of a black hole weapon by John Crichton scared the Scorvians into not continuing the conflict after the Scarrans and Peacekeepers had reached a treaty.

Following the Peacekeeper Reformation, the Ilanics began working alongside the Peacekeepers and joined the Uncharted Territories Alliance. When the United Federation of Planets reached the Uncharted Territories, the Ilanics were initially suspicious of their intentions. After the UFP agreed to share some of their scientific innovations, the Ilanics changed their stance and the Alliance subsequently became members of the Federation.

Notable Ilanics Edit

Source Edit

The Ilanics are seen in Farscape.

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