Interions are a species of humanoids from the Uncharted Territories whose physiology and skeletal structure are very similar to that of Sebaceans and humans -- species they are somehow connected to through the Eidelons. Some theorize that Interions were also genetically engineered from humans, whereas others suggest that the genetic material of Interions was used to help evolve humans into Sebaceans. There is little evidence supporting either theory, though it is known that Interions can be suitable organ donors for humans.

Interions do have some highly unique characteristics. Their cranial architecture includes ridges that extend down across their foreheads. During times of high, negative emotions, the color of the hair on an Interion's hair changes color. For instance, Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis had ginger-colored hair, which changed to a bright scarlet when she was upset, or stressed. Interions also shed their hair rapidly, like house cats on Earth, which has the unfortunate side effect of sometimes clogging up machinery. When frightened, Interions can release a high-pitched scream that is able to melt metal.

Interion society is highly intellectual, and the pursuit of education is the highest goal of wealthy Interions. The elite of Interion society often have a myriad of advanced degrees, often in science and medicine but frequently branching into history and social sciences like archaeology as well. They abhor violence and war -- looking down on any who participate in it. It was not until the Eidelons encouraged them that the Interions even deigned to work alongside the Peacekeepers after the Peacekeeper Reformation -- viewing the Sebaceans serving in the organization as deeply inferior.

Notable Members Edit

Source Edit

Interions are seen in Farscape.

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