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Jenavian Charto was a Disruptor of the Peacekeeper Special Directorate. She undertook a mission to prevent Prince Clavor from ever obtaining the throne of the Breakaway Colonies, and to this end disguised herself as a shallow, social-climbing, power-grabbing snob. She managed to become engaged to Clavor, getting close enough to him to kill him should he ascend to the throne.

When John Crichton became a threat to Clavor's plans, Charto saved Crichton from some of Clavor's men who had been sent to kill him. She suspected that Crichton was sent by the Special Directorate as backup for her mission -- a suspicion that Crichton neither confirmed or denied, though she ultimately learned the truth.

It worked in Charto's favor that Princess Katralla and Crichton married, disrupting Clavor's chance to rule. The pair were turned into statues. The Scarran emissary Cargn behead the statue of Crichton, in order to give Clavor a second chance. After Scorpius retrieved the head, Charto took it from him and reattached it to the human -- and then reanimated him. Hiding in the woods, the two shared an intimate night.

The next day, the two returned to the palace. Charto suggested that she and John become a couple, though he rejected the idea. She shrugged off the rejection and made her way to the morgue to pretend to mourn for Clavor. Crichton joined her there, where he expressed his sympathy but also observed that Clavor had gotten what he deserved. Charto slapped him and ran from the morgue in tears.

With Clavor's death, Charto's mission was fulfilled. It can be assumed that she returned to the Special Directorate and was given another assignment.

Source Edit

Jenavian Charto is derived from Farscape.

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