Memorial Planet orbit

The Jocacean Memorial Planet is a planet commemorating a horrific tragedy, in which the Venek Horde slaughtered a monastery full of Sebacean women and children in order to have access to water from the mountain behind the monastery. After this event, the planet was abandoned. Eventually the memorial was constructed and visitors were able to look into the past and watch the tragedy unfold for themselves.

Although the planet is now in the Uncharted Territories, it may have once been under Peacekeeper jurisdiction.

Alternate Timelines Edit


The original Jocacean memorial site

In the original timeline of events, the planet commemorated a peace treaty brokered between the monastery and the Venek Horde. However, an accident caused John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Stark, Ka D'Argo, and Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis to enter the historical event through a rift in time. Despite their best efforts not to change any of the events that had transpired, they caused several changes and were unable to undo all of the effects before having to escape through the time tear once more. Various alternate timelines came to exist because of their actions:

  • In one timeline, the Venek Horde still inhabited the planet.
  • In one timeline, the planet no longer existed.

Ultimately, most of the actions of the time travelers were able to be fixed. However, Crichton had drawn attention to himself and when the Sebaceans could not tell the Veneks where he had gone, they were slaughtered. This, ultimately, became the true timeline. Only the four time travelers are aware of the original timeline.

Source Edit

The Jocacean Memorial Planet appeared in an episode of the third season of Farscape.