War-Master Kamin was a leader in the Scorvian military. Despite his career in the military, Kamin held the belief that peace and cooperation could be established between the Scorvians and their long-time enemies the Luxans. Finally, during the War for the Uncharted Territories, his beliefs were able to take hold.

After the Kkore had killed many of the leaders of the Luxan Army, Ka Jothee was left in charge -- the first Luxan to also be receptive of the idea. Kamin's forces united with Jothee's, managing to do some damage to the Kkore Invasion Fleet and to recover a Kkore cannon.

The combined fleet managed to reach the Falaman System in time to turn the tide of the First Battle of the Falaman System against the Kkore invaders. Kamin met with the other leaders of the ragtag band of survivors aboard Moya as they prepared for the Second Battle of the Falaman System, and Kamin led the Scorvian forces in that battle as well. Several of the Scorvians under his command lended their faith to the Dej-Wah that ultimately defeated the Kkore.

Although Kamin was a strong proponent of joining the Uncharted Alliance, without an impending threat, the Scorvian race fell back into old patterns and old alliances.

Source Edit

Kamin is derived from the Farscape comic books.

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