The Kanvians are a humanoid species from the planet Kanvia in the Uncharted Territories. Every member of the species is relatively similar in appearance -- with dark hair, pale skin, powder blue eyes, and sharp pointed eyebrows.

The Kanvians were, for much of their history, ruled by an autocratic government. Though only family ruled every aspect of life on Kanvia during this time, there were frequent attempts to overthrow them and power grabs even within the family were not unheard of. Ruthlessness was standard practice for the rulers of Kanvia, who used domesticated stranits as lie detectors. Rinic Pralanoth and his children were ultimately deposed by a confluence of events, during which his son Rinic Tolvin vied for power and his daughter Rinic Sarova was killed and replaced by an imposter. This resulted in a civil war on Kanvia, which lasted several years before a democratic parlaiment was eventually formed.

Though Kanvia has long been a center of intergalactic trade, Kanvians have always been suspicious of offworlders and seldom actually travel through space themselves.

Notable Kanvians Edit

Source Edit

Kanvians are seen in Farscape.

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