Karack metalites are a species of insect found in the Uncharted Territories. When lying dormant, they appear almost identical to borium ingots -- a valuable form of currency. When active, six black and red striped legs emerge from the body. The metalites devour metal and burrow through virtually any substance -- and are able to survive in atmospheric environments and, for a time, in vacuums. The surest way to remove an infestation of Karack metalites is to set them on fire.

In many vessels, this is necessary and the damage is fairly easy to repair. However, in living ships such as Leviathan biomechanoids, the damage may potentially kill the vessel and may be irreparable. Because of this, Karack metalites are an especially notable threat to those traveling space aboard living vessels.

Source Edit

Karack metalites are derived from Farscape.

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