Kato-Re was the Grondeer of the Acquarans and father of Lishala during the period when they first encountered John Crichton. He was known to be a wise and fair leader of his people.

When John Crichton crashed on Acquara, Kato-Re accepted his presence -- and even summoned him when Lishala began to express an interest in the human.

Shortly thereafter, it appeared that Ka D'Argo -- who had come to the planet to bring Crichton back to Moya -- had attacked Rokon. Kato-Re had little choice but to sentence Crichton to ten cycles of hard labor. This pronouncement was quickly overshadowed by the arrival of the former Hynerian Dominar Rygel XVI, who the Acquarans immediately believed was their prophesied Massata. Rygel protested this appointment as a deity, which only served to anger the Acquarans.

But the truth was soon revealed -- the Acquarans had, long ago, been Sebaceans under the rule of the Hynerian Empire and had been banished to Acquara where a dampening field prevented them from ever leaving the planet. When the dampening field was deactivated, Kato-Re was grateful for the freedom now granted to his people and even rewarded Rygel with a basket of food to bring back to Moya.

Source Edit

Kato-Re is a character derived from Farscape.

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