Katoya was a master of mental discipline, he operated a mental arts training camp in Tormented Space. There he used various techniques, including virtual reality technology, to help his trainees improve on various skills such as endurance, patience, the ability to withstand pain. He was highly sought out by many across the Delta Quadrant -- even Scorpius had gone to him for training.

While Scorpius was traveling aboard Moya, he brought Ka D'Argo, John Crichton, and Rygel XVI to Katoya for training in the hopes they would be able to withstand torture at the hands of the Scarrans. Unbeknownst to Scorpius, however, Macton Tal -- D'Argo's former brother-in-law -- was also undergoing training with Katoya at the time.

D'Argo sought Katoya's help in learning whether or not he had killed Lo'Laan Tal or if Macton had framed him. Katoya agreed to help, but while D'Argo was in the virtual reality machine Macton took over -- throwing Katoya into a wall and killing him.

Source Edit

Katoya is derived from Farscape.

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