Katralla was the princess, and later empress, of the Breakaway Colonies during Earth's 21st century. As the heir of Empress Novia, she had a specific deadline for when she was supposed to choose a compatible suitor with whom she could continue the royal lineage, and who could rule the Breakaway Colonies beside her.

Unbeknownst to her, a scheme between her brother Prince Clavor and the Scarran ambassador Cargn had left her with altered DNA and made her genetically incompatible with Sebaceans. A liquid used to determine this compatibility proved continuously disappointing -- until John Crichton arrived on the Royal Planet. His human DNA proved compatible, and a marriage was quickly arranged between the two. By using technology, rather than intercourse, Katralla was impregnated by John Crichton.

Despite this, Katralla did not truly want to marry Crichton as she was deeply in love with Counselor Elkar Tyno. However, she agreed to the arrangement out of duty to her people and went through with the wedding. Afterwards, she -- and Crichton -- were transformed into statues in order to watch Novia conduct court business for the next 80 cycles. Crichton did not remain a statue long, due to Cargn's plot, but it was discovered that Crichton could not undergo the process of becoming a statue again or he would die. Realizing it was unfair to leave the unborn child fatherless, it was agreed that Elkar Tyno would take his place as Katralla's husband.

As statues, Katralla and Tyno watched as the Grennij invaded the Royal Planet on behalf of the Kkore. The invasion was repelled, and cycles later, Katralla and Tyno were restored to flesh to reign over the Breakaway Colonies. They became significant leaders amongst the Uncharted Alliance, making the Breakaway Colonies one of the most significant political powers of the Uncharted Territories.

Other Realities Edit

In at least one unrealized reality, where Aeryn Sun never joined the crew of Moya, Katralla married Crichton and joined him aboard Moya, leaving the Royal Planet altogether.

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