Mujombre, a Khurtanan

The Khurtanans are a Sebacean sub-species inhabiting the planet Khurtanan in Tormented Space, within the Delta Quadrant. Though the species is familiar with many other spacefaring species, they frequently remain on their own planet -- repairing space vessels, including Leviathan biomechanoids, and engaging in commerce with those who came to their planet. The Khurtanans' reluctance to travel is due largely to a culture-wide fear of space madness. All visitors to their planet must undergo an examination, in order to keep the planet free of the ailment. For many centuries, the Khurtanans held a hatred of Scarrans and refused to allow the species on their planet.

Khurtanan society was once deeply sexist, with females being heavily oppressed. An underground resistance group formed -- with some women disguising themselves as men to participate in tasks that women were forbidden from. Others plotted a violent coup, using qatal mollusks to commit political assassinations. The violent coup occurred shortly after the planet was visited by Moya, and successfully replaced the patriarchal leadership with a matriarchal one that remained in power for many centuries before equality was established between the sexes.

Source Edit

Khurtanans are derived from Farscape.

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