Lieutenant Kirlix was a Prowler pilot in the Kernil Company before the unit defected from the Peacekeepers. She continued to serve under Clow Zobrek after their defection, and led the air defense of Doien when the planet was invaded by the Grennij.

After this, she led an assault on a Grennij vessel. This attack cost her all but two Prowlers, and would have lost altogether if John Crichton, Ka Jothee, and the Luxan warship Ha'Mok had not joined the fight.

When it was discovered that Commandant Mele-on Grayza was negotiating with the Grennij, and would be offering to supply them with chakan oil, Kirlix accompanied Crichton, Zobrek, and Aeryn Sun to the planet to intervene. They encountered and old acquaintance of Kirlix, Cuford, who immediately reported their presence and had them apprehended. They were rescued by Noranti Pralatong, and Kirlix argued they should escape while they still had a chance. She was overruled, however, adding to an ever-increasing animosity between herself and Aeryn.

Despite Kirlix's misgivings, Aeryn's plans worked -- they were able to disrupt the negotiations. Admiral Tav Josbek even relieved Grayza of her command and stripped her of her rank. At Zobrek's recommendation, Josbek bestowed Grayza's rank to Aeryn Sun. This allowed Zobrek, Kirlix, and the rest of the Kernil Company to return to the Peacekeepers.

This was soon followed by a devastating attack on the Peacekeeper fleet at the hands of the Kkore. Kirlix did her best to provide cover for Moya as the Leviathan biomechanoid took in all of the survivors that it could. Kirlix was able to destroy one Grennij vessel, but in the midst of the explosion two other Grennij vessels were able to target her. Kirlix was destroyed along with her Prowler.

Source Edit

Kirlix is derived from Farscape.

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