Kornata was a brilliant genetic scientist in the Uncharted Territories. She led a team of scientists that were committed to testing humanely on living organisms, primarily looking for cures to diseases. One of their experiments was to increase the intelligence of a small rodent-like creature they had named "NamTar" by repeatedly injecting the creature with a serum.

The experiment was a success, and NamTar eventually grew to be able to increase its own intelligence with the serum. Eventually, NamTar grew more intelligent than the team of scientists and began experimenting on them in return. As a result of these experiments, Kornata grew to be incredibly deformed. As NamTar continued to search for the means to become a perfect creature, Kornata became little more than his laboratory assistant.

Eventually, with the aid of John Crichton, Kornata was able to overthrow NamTar. She managed to inject him with a serum that countered the effects of the original serum he had been injected with -- reducing him back to his original form and animal intelligence.

Source Edit

Kornata is derived from Farscape.

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