Sergeant Kyona was second in command of Melkor's unit of commandos. Under orders from Bialar Crais, the unit tracked down Moya and her crew into the Uncharted Territories. Unlike the rest of her squadron, Kyona was cautious and skeptical -- suspicious of the condition in which they found the Leviathan biomechanoid: dead in space, with its bays wide open. The presence of a mysterious substance only deepened her suspicions.

Her suspicions soon proved justified. The entire squadron soon began to succumb to heat delirium, as the vessel was temporarily home to a nesting swarm of draks that had raised the heat by significant levels.

John Crichton allowed the commandos to escape -- telling them to bring Crais a message that any who followed him were facing certain death.

Source Edit

Kyona is derived from Farscape.

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