Kyr was a Tavlek mercenary who followed Bekhesh and who was deeply addicted to the chemicals injected into him by his Tavlek Gauntlet. When the Tavleks boarded and attempted to rob Moya, Kyr battled with Ka D'Argo and was able to briefly gain the upper hand -- until he was knocked unconscious by John Crichton, at which point he also lost his gauntlet.

When the rest of the Tavleks escaped from Moya with the captive Rygel XVI, Kyr was left behind. He was interrogated by Aeryn Sun and Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, and then was imprisoned within one of the prison cells aboard the Leviathan biomechanoid.

He was brash, abrasive, and defiant as a prisoner -- though Zhaan proved to be more than capable of handling him. When he began to suffer symptoms of withdrawal from his gauntlet, Zhaan helped to ease his symptoms and even tried to persuade him that he did not need the stimulant drugs. He warmed to Zhaan and the two even developed a sort of trust. Zhaan permitted him to wander freely throughout the ship -- though he took advantage of this and attempted to raid Zhaan's chemicals for a stimulant. Zhaan discovered him and furiously returned him to his cell.

Later, Kyr spoke to Bekhesh on behalf of the crew of Moya, explaining that they had nothing of value aboard and that they had actually tried to help him. This settled the standoff, and Rygel was freed while Kyr rejoined the Tavleks. Despite Zhaan's counseling, Kyr chose to put the gauntlet back on.

Source Edit

Kyr is derived from Farscape.

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