Litigarans are a humanoid species from the planet of Litigara. The vast majority of the population are lawyers, and a complex system of laws has developed to keep them employed. Each law firm adds to this system of laws as they gain power over the others, with all the thousands upon thousands of years of law gathered in a book called "the Axiom". The remainder of the population, "the Utilities" provide all of the services required to keep the society functioning, while they are terrible mistreated and oppressed by the ruling class. The planet's supreme rule is the senior partner of whichever law firm presently has the most power.

Litigarans are incredibly pale, but Litigarans with blue eyes have such ashen skin that on nights when the planet's moons are both full, they are forced to stay inside to avoid being burned.

Source Edit

The Litigarans are taken from Farscape.

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