Lo'La was a Luxan Eradicator-class vessel of Toproktin design which was discovered by Moya as it was floating dead in space in the Sacred Stillness. After Ka D'Argo commandeered the vessel, he named it after his late wife Lo'Laan Tal. Security measures in place ensure that the vessel could only be operated by someone with Luxan DNA -- any other species trying to operate the ship would trigger a self-destruct sequence. The ship will also respond to vocal commands, though only those given by the registered pilot in Luxan.

Though the vessel can only use two individuals to operate it -- one to pilot the ship and one to man the weaponry -- it is able to hold between ten and twelve individuals inside it.

The ship was designed specifically for use in battle. As such, it is equipped with powerful blaster cannons. Most notably, however, is its defensive array. The vessel has both a deception shrouding mechanism, as well as a protective energy shell. The shell is a solid shield around the ship, except for a small hole where a DNA scanner allows the pilot to deactivate the shield long enough to enter the vessel. The shrouding keeps the ship invisible to the naked eye and to most sensors, rendering it undetectable except when it is hit.

Lo'La was a versatile ship, able to travel longer distances than most shuttles and transport pods but also capable of landing on planet surfaces and flying in atmospheric environments. When in flight, wings extended from the hull, and the landing structs are retracted. Lo'La is not capable of faster-than-light travel, but is faster than transport pods and most other sub-light space vessels.

Lo'La was destroyed during the Peacekeeper/Scarran War, though the crew aboard -- Chiana and D'Argo -- survived the attack.

Crew Edit

The following members of Moya's crew acted, at various times, as the crew of Lo'La.

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Lo'La is derived from Farscape.