M'Lee was a member of a sentient, plant-based, calcivorous species. She was born on a small asteroid, which her ancestors were brought to by a species of botanists that included Br'Nee. The botanists intended to rid the verdant asteroid of all herbivorous life, which M'Lee's people succeeded in doing -- and thus eradicated all that they could eat there.

M'Lee was the sole survivor of her race. Just before she succumbed to starvation, a group of the botanists returned to the asteroid. M'Lee preyed upon the botanists until Br'Nee was the last survivor of the group. Though she pursued him, she was also aware that after he died, she would soon starve to death as well. Thinking ahead, M'Lee sent a distress signal into space.


Like all of her species, M'Lee has two forms: a passive form, in which she acts naive and helpless and appears pale and fragile. While in this docile form, the glowing parts of her head appear blue. However, when hunger takes over, she becomes a vicious killer -- the glowing parts of her head change to a red color, the irises of her eyes blacken, a razored fin emerges on her back, spikes arise on her body, and razor sharp teeth extend into her mouth.


M'Lee was in her docile form when the crew of Moya arrived on the asteroid, responding to a distress signal. The crew rescued her from the pursuit of Br'Nee. M'Lee attempted to ingratiate herself to the crew -- spinning them a story of how her family had been killed by Br'Nee's people. Her hunger, however, destroyed her story when it took over and caused her to attack John Crichton. Br'Nee eventually revealed M'Lee's true nature to Crichton. M'Lee did not deny it -- and instead told Crichton the truth. She promised to control her hunger long enough for Moya to bring her to another planet where she could feed and survive, but Ka D'Argo offered an alternative suggestion: knowing that the Peacekeepers would be arriving soon in pursuit of Moya, he suggested she travel with them instead.

M'Lee waited, as suggested, and the Peacekeepers took her aboard. She begged for assistance, which Scorpius promised he would provide. A Marauder took her towards another planet -- the crew of which was never heard from again.

Source Edit

M'Lee is derived from Farscape.

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