Markir T'al was a a Peacekeeper technician who was involved in testing weapons on prisoners. While he was assigned one last check on the transport pod being used in these experiments, the prisoners staged a revolt and escaped in the pod -- unwittingly taking Markir T'al with them.

Eventually the transport pod was picked up by Moya, though not before T'al struck a secret deal with the Hynerian prisoner Orrhn. When the transport pod landed aboard the Leviathan biomechanoid, T'al was placed in a holding cell and guarded over by a DRD. When a distress signal was sent out to the Peacekeepers, T'al was the initial suspect. However, it was quickly apparent he could not have sent the signal and that there was a traitor amongst the prisoners.

When Orrhn was revealed to be the culprit, she helped Markir T'al escape from his cell and, taking Rygel XVI hostage, they escaped in the transport pod. Ka D'argo, John Crichton, and Aeryn Sun gave pursuit aboard Lo'La and easily boarded the transport pod. In the fight that followed, Aeryn shot and killed Markir.

Source Edit

Markir T'al is derived from Farscape.

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