Grand Chancellor Maryk was the leader of the Peacekeeper military forces and directed their fleets from Peacekeeper Strategic Command. He was in command at the beginning of the Peacekeeper/Scarran War, and it was simply because of his caution that it took so long for open war to breakout between the Peacekeepers and the Scarran Empire. War was unavoidable, however, when Scorpius launched a preemptive attack against the Scarrans.

Maryk revoked Scorpius' command for his impudence, but went to war with the Scarrans nevertheless. Maryk maintained a strong front for his forces, but believed the war unwinnable. He sought comfort in Commandant Mele-on- Grayza, with whom he had fathered a daughter, and even confided his true feelings to her. She found this fearful belief to be a weakness, and poisoned him in order to ensure that he would not surrender to the Scarran Empire.

Source Edit

Maryk is derived from Farscape.

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