Melkor was the leader of a squad of commandos sent after Moya by Captain Bialar Crais. Melkor and his squad found Moya in the Uncharted Territories, though they were unaware that the Leviathan biomechanoid was infested with draks.

Melkor pressed on, encountering the cloned duplicates of the crew members, despite the intense heat. Despite suffering from heat delirium, they eventually reached the command center. There, they were confronted by John Crichton and several drak replicants of him. Crichton gave Melkor a warning that the Peacekeepers should stay away from him. Though Melkor resisted the message, he was too weak to put up a fight. True to his word, Crichton allowed Melkor and his squad to leave Moya aboard their Marauder.

Source Edit

Melkor is derived from Farscape.

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