Miklo Braca was an ambitious Peacekeeper who rose through the ranks of the organization and served under several of the most notable Peacekeeper commanders. As a Lieutenant, he initially served under Captain Bialar Crais -- who accurately described Braca as the "consummate Peacekeeper". However, with Crais' fall from favor and the destruction of the Gammak Base, Braca soon became the executive officer of Scorpius.

Eventually, however, Commandant Mele-On Grayza stripped Scorpius of his command. She did, however, recognize Braca's good and loyal service to the Peacekeepers and took him on as her right hand man and promoted him to the rank of Captain.

Unbeknownst to Grayza, Braca was still working on behalf of Scorpius. When Grayza's behavior grew erratic and seemed to put her own interests above those of the Peacekeepers, Braca used the Uniform Code of Admiralty Conduct to take command from her. He then revealed his true loyalty to Scorpius -- who he believed did have the best interests of the Peacekeepers in mind.

Braca proved himself a skilled pilot and soldier during the Peacekeeper/Scarran War, and managed to survive the war -- although he was injured. After the war, he and a number of others deserted the Peacekeepers. When Aeryn Sun became commandant and began rallying forces together to fight against the Kkore, Braca rejoined the organization and, after the Kkore were defeated, became instrumental in the Peacekeeper Reformation.

Source Edit

Miklo Braca is derived from Farscape.