Mind-cleansing was a technique used by the Nebari Establishment to keep their population docile and easy to control. Mind-cleansing removed an individual's violent and aggressive impulses.

Methods Edit

Short-Term Edit


The Nebari had developed two types of mind-cleansing. The first of these was a short-term process, which drugged the subject through an implant that was placed behind the eyeball. This process would wear off eventually as the drugs were metabolized.

This process was ineffective on species that were not humanoids -- such as Pilots -- and was also useless on the Nebari themselves. Some species with faster metabolisms, such as Hynerians, would be effected for significantly less time than other species. Neuro biotracer chips and other, similar brain implants could also render the short-term mind cleanse ineffective.

Long-Term Edit

The long-term method of mind-cleansing was done through advanced brainwashing techniques and took several cycles to complete. This form of mind-cleansing was effective on virtually any sentient species, including the Nebari, but could be undone if the subject suffered a sudden traumatic event.

Source Edit

Mind-cleansing is derived from Farscape.